NEW UPDATE!!! 12-14-2012

I have not updated this blog in a couple years. I am not the best blogger. However, with new struggles we are facing, i felt like I needed to. I have had another cancer scare. It started on Thanksgaving weekend with alot of jaw pain and ear pain. I came home and worked on getting into new doctors locally. After finally getting in, I had a PET scan that lit up like a Christmas Tree…which is not a good thing at all. It was a sign that my cancer was back. In my tongue, my lymph nodes, and my nasal cavity. So I had a biopsy done and it came back all clear, which we believe was a miracle from God because my scan clearly showed cancer. Almost 2 weeks after my biopsy, I am in a world of pain. It is the exact same pain that I have had the 2 previous times I was diagnosed with cancer. That fact really scares me. I have been told that if my cancer returns, there is no cure for it. I will have chemo but not as a cure…just to shrinken and weaken the cancer, but eventually it would claim my life. So we have been trying to decide whether to make the trip to Houston to MD Anderson, where I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009, two times. MD Anderson is out of newtork so the costs are outrageous. We have had a lot of people asking about donating and wanting to do that on our FB page Fight Like A Hogan. That page was not set up for donations or asking for anything but prayers and support. We would never share our story hoping for monetary donations. But I also know some people want to give more than prayers, and this post is for them. Please no one feel like you have to give because you don’t at all. But we will appreciate every dollar donated and view it as a blessing.

Prayers for Brynlee

Just a reminder that Brynlee Hope will be having her Heart Catherization on April 14th in Fort Worth at Cooks Children’s Hospital.  Her time got bumped back for an emergency case so instead of 7am she will be going between 11 and 12.  She should only have to stay 1 night if everything goes well!  Her Open Heart Surgery has been scheduled for June 2.  Please pray for her and the rest of us..this is always a tough time for everyone.  This will be the 7th Open Heart Surgery between our 2 children and it never ever gets easier.  I would do it for them if i could! 

I will update the blog when I can…and I will also be updating our Facebook support page…Fight Like A Hogan!

Thank you all for your prayers!

My heart if fixed, O God, My heart if fixed! I will sing and give praise. Psalms 57:7

God is Great!!!

I had my 4 month check up at Houston this week and my scans were all clear.  THERE IS NO CANCER IN MY BODY!!!  Praise the Lord!  We are so relieved with this news.  On April 16 I will be 16 months cancer free!  My doctor asked my how long I had gone cancer free and I told him and he just shook his head.  You can tell by his actions and emotions that he just can not believe that I am still here and that my body is cancer free.  God has answered our prayers once again and given us a miracle and we are oh so blessed and thankful! 

The Dr recommended that I see a neurologist.  He says I am having migraines and that can be from all the damage from the treatment and cancer and that this needs to be treated.  He also said I have to quit worrying and stressing so much as this makes the headaches worse and just isn’t good on my body….easier said then done..haha!

Tonight (Friday April 8th) I am a guest speaker at the Archer County Relay For Life!  I am so honored that they want me to share my story…yet so terrified to do it!  If you know me you know that I think I sound pretty goofy and am so self conscious about speaking.  I also have nothing written down or no clue what I am going to say…I plan on just speaking from my heart!  God will give me the right words and guide me through the speech!  Please say a prayer for me!

Brynlee will be going to Fort Worth Cooks Hospital Wednesday for her Pre-Op and will be having a Heart Catherization on Thursday morning!  If all goes well we will be released to come home Friday morning.  Then we will meet with the heart surgeon to schedule her Open Heart Surgery.  We are aiming for the end of May or early June!  Please pray for Brynlee and all of us as this will be a tough time for our family.

We are dealing with Insurance and they are not wanting to pay much coverage for this procedure and surgery!  This is so stressful to me.  We have an outrageous deductible and Out of Pocket to be met before the insurance will cover the surgery at 100%.  So we would like to Thank you all who have made a donation to our family!  We are so appreciative!

Please subscribe to our blog and share it with your friends…the more prayers the better!

God Bless You All!!!

He Carried Our Sicknesses (to the cross) and by his stripes we are healed!  Isaiah 53:4-5

Help for the Hogan Family

Many of you know the Hogan family has been through more than their share of health problems and obstacles. Once again, they are faced with more trying times. There is a trip to Houston for Melissa April 5-6 for her to see her cancer doctor for a checkup. AND 3-year old Brynlee Hope will have a Heart Catherization April 14 to make sure her heart is strong enough to undergo her 3rd open heart surgery scheduled for May 2011. They are not the type of people to ask for a handout, but I asked the family to see if I could write about their obstacles and difficulties. Melissa has been so sick for so long that she hasn’t been able to work much. The family is facing new exorbitant deductibles, co pays, and out of pocket expenses, as well as lodging, meals, and traveling expenses. Brynlee could be hospitalized 2-6+ weeks depending on how she does. I, like most of you, would love to save them the stress of worrying about money (which I’m sure they’re already anxious). Wouldn’t it be great if they could focus on the well being of Brynlee, as well as Melissa, and the rest of the family? I noticed that at one time there were many followers on one of their websites, plus others on FB. If everyone gave just $20, can you imagine the huge impact it would have on easing their burden? You may not can give much, but TOGETHER we can help this family! Also, please pray for their anxiety to ease, for them to have peace, as well as healing for Brynlee and Melissa and Hestan.
The family has a blog with a PayPal button that you can donate to online. The page is

Or, there’s an account set up for Melissa Hogan’s Heroes at Chase Bank in Wichita Falls, TX where donations could be made as well.

Or, if you would like to personally send the family a donation along with an encouraging note, to their home:

The Hogan Family

215 NW Cherry Ave

Cache OK 73527

Thank you for helping this wonderful family who have already been through so much. God Bless You!

Please repost this on your FB to let your friends know about this family and a way they could help as well.  Please share this blog with friends also!

Judy and Steve Lewis, friends of the Hogan family

Some History on the Hogan Family

Hestan 7 years old has undergone 4 open heart surgeries…numeruous heart catherization and a few other minor surgeries.  Hestan faces another heart surgery in the near future to repair a leaking valve and will also more than likely be considered for a heart transplant in the futue.

Brynlee 3 years old will be having her 3rd open heart surgery in May this year and will be having a heart catherization on April 14.  Brynlee was recently hospitalized with pneuonia.  Brynlee will be considered for a heart transplant in the future.

Melissa was diagnosed with a rare form of tongue cancer in May 2009 and underwent intense treatment only for the cancer to return in Dec 2009.  She underwent a 14 hour surgery to have the majority of her tongue removed.  Melissa still stuggles daily to speak and eat and cope with the changes to her body.  Melissa has been cancer free since Dec 16. 2009

Jeremy is the leader of the family…he takes great care of Melissa and the kids and works as a principal at Cache Oklahoma to provide for the family!

So much going on!

Hestan had his first Spring Soccer game this past Saturday!  The Cache Blasters played a GREAT game and won 8-3.  It is such a blessing to see Hestan out on the soccer field.  He enjoys it so much and has a smile on his face almost the entire time.  He does get winded easier than the other players and needs a little more rest…but he knows his limits and will come out and rest if he feels he needs to.  We pretty much keep him at goalie so he is not having to run up and down the field so much. 

I have my 4 month cat scan this week…as well as blood work and x-rays. I will be traveling to Houston next week go meet with the doctors and get the results.  If my results are clear (they will be)…I will be coming up on 16 months cancer free!  Praise the Lord!  I have been having headaches..mainly on the left side with ear pain and a little off balance but I think that might be from TMJ that my dentist diagnosed me with.  I am hoping and praying that is what is causing the pain! 

Brynlee is scheduled to have her heart cath on April 14th.  She should just stay 1 night if everything goes well and get to come home on the 15th.  After this we will meet with the heart surgeon and set a date for her big heart surgery…probably at the end of May!

We have so much going on at this time…please remember us in your prayers!  We really need them at this time! 

Thank you all for your continued support!  We appreciate it so much!

Jeremy Melissa Hestan and Brynlee

Our little soccer player!

Brynlee’s Heart Surgery is Fast Approaching

I just wanted to update everyone that I got a call from Cooks Childrens Hospital and Brynlee’s Heart Catherization is scheduled for April 14th.  This will check the pressures…strength and function of her heart.  If there are no complications Brynlee should be released to come home April 15th.  As of now…there is not a definite date for her big surgery.  We are thinking probably the last week of May.  They will open the chest and do a lot of work so this would give her basically the whole summer to recover and recuperate before she starts school in August!

Getting this phone call hit me hard.  I knew this was coming…and I thought I was prepared for it…but I guess just having an exact date and talking with the scheduler made it real for me.  I just hate it for Brynlee.  This will be her 3rd Open Heart Surgery. This will be our 7th Heart surgery as a family (Hestan has had 4)…and I tell you…It NEVER gets easier.  Brynlee is a tough girl and I am sure she will be a little fighter and make it through it fine…but I still just hate the fact that she has to go through it at all. 

Last night I was making some chicken salad…and Brynlee was such a BIG help (sarcasm).  I told her maybe she should let me finish it myself and she said “ are the baddest sister I have ever had…you bad bad girl”  I told her “Brynlee…I am not your sister..I am your mommy” Brynlee replied “Well then…Act Your Age”!!!  Hahaha!  She is such a mess!  She keeps us laughing all day everyday! 

Please remember our family in your prayers!  This will be such a difficult time for all of us!  We will need all the prayers we can get!


15 months Cancer Free…and Married 8 Years

Today, March 16, I have been Cancer Free for 15 months. This is such a miracle and a blessing for me! I honestly thought I would not make it to 6 months cancer free. I am so grateful to God for giving me this time with my family and friends. I am looking forward to the next 15 months and 15 years.. If that is Gods plan! I would have never made it though these past 15 months without my precious children…my loving and caring husband…my best momma…and a lot of other people that have stood by me! Thank you God for giving me good health and strength to make it through this battle. Thank you all for the many prayers. I ask that you continue them…each month I am cancer free is such a blessing. And it would never be possible without my faith in God and all your prayers.

Also…yesterday..Jeremy and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. He has taken such good care of me and been a true God send to my life. He is what I always prayed that god would send to me. Each year gets better and better. I am thankful that God blessed us with 8 years together…and here is to another 80 years of happiness!

Thank you all for your continued support.

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