NEW UPDATE!!! 12-14-2012

I have not updated this blog in a couple years. I am not the best blogger. However, with new struggles we are facing, i felt like I needed to. I have had another cancer scare. It started on Thanksgaving weekend with alot of jaw pain and ear pain. I came home and worked on getting into new doctors locally. After finally getting in, I had a PET scan that lit up like a Christmas Tree…which is not a good thing at all. It was a sign that my cancer was back. In my tongue, my lymph nodes, and my nasal cavity. So I had a biopsy done and it came back all clear, which we believe was a miracle from God because my scan clearly showed cancer. Almost 2 weeks after my biopsy, I am in a world of pain. It is the exact same pain that I have had the 2 previous times I was diagnosed with cancer. That fact really scares me. I have been told that if my cancer returns, there is no cure for it. I will have chemo but not as a cure…just to shrinken and weaken the cancer, but eventually it would claim my life. So we have been trying to decide whether to make the trip to Houston to MD Anderson, where I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009, two times. MD Anderson is out of newtork so the costs are outrageous. We have had a lot of people asking about donating and wanting to do that on our FB page Fight Like A Hogan. That page was not set up for donations or asking for anything but prayers and support. We would never share our story hoping for monetary donations. But I also know some people want to give more than prayers, and this post is for them. Please no one feel like you have to give because you don’t at all. But we will appreciate every dollar donated and view it as a blessing.

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